Microsoft Outlook 2021 for Windows – 1 PC

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Outlook 2021 for Windows lets you better manage your inbox with the addition of new capabilities including Search at Top and Translator.

Microsoft Outlook 2021 will work only on Windows 10 and Windows 11. For other versions of Windows, you have to buy Outlook 2016.

This license key is for only one device and cannot be transferred to a new device.

Note: This is a stand-alone application and so you will get only Outlook 2021 and not other Office applications.

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Microsoft Outlook 2021

The new Outlook 2021 is the next step up. With features that perfectly complement the modern lifestyle and work ethics, you can now focus more on enjoying your day and stress less about how to spend it. With new features and an improved experience, Outlook 2021 is the next top email and life management app for getting things done.

Outlook 2021 offers many features that are not in the spotlight, but should be overlooked. With this app you can regain control over many aspects of your life. Use it for business purposes such as emailing or sharing files with co-workers while planning events to organize meetings, or simply for home-use to get a more balanced lifestyle going.

The newest version of Outlook has a ton more functions than just messaging! You’ll find yourself using all these helpful tools whether it’s at home or during your work hours. Tired of using your unreliable phone calendar? Outlook helps you set up meetings, appointments, and more — it automatically sets up a reminder too, without having to think at all!

You’ll have no problem scheduling, taking notes, managing your contacts and getting in touch with people with Outlook’s smart syncing technology either. No matter where you are!

Life is too short to use an email client that doesn’t have all the features you need. You’ll be losing out on time, and important information because some of them are just not as good or comprehensive enough – but don’t worry! There’s always Outlook. With over a million daily users worldwide, it’s the most reliable application to put your trust in.

The Outlook Search box is similar to the Search box in Word, Excel and PowerPoint but with more options to suit finding email, calendar and contacts.

Limit the search to the current folder and certain sub-folders.

Click on the pull-down icon (right) to see a lot more search refinements.

The search box also includes the ‘Tell Me’ help that was also in Outlook 2019.

Translator in Outlook 2021

View the transcript of an email message and translate its body into more than 70 languages within Outlook. You will immediately see the translation next to the reading pane in your mailbox.

Source: Microsoft

Ink your emails

There’s a Draw tab in the Message Editor to add ‘ink’ to emails.  Insert a Drawing Canvas then use the standard drawing tools.